Disarm that argument before it gets nasty

Honesty is a secret relationship-saver!
Honesty is a secret relationship-saver!
Your relationship’s integrity hinges on yours. Source: K.B. Hubbard

I found the answer, and it isn’t claps, comments, or read time

Words for cash. Image credit: K.B. Hubbard
This is an interactive table that contains the data of my analysis.

What do the numbers say?

I know they’re confusing — this should help

Image credit: K.B. Hubbard

1. Guns are heavy

Which one is right for you?

Medium vs BMaC made by author.

Introducing The Paywall™

Salad users rejoice!

Author created image.

28 ways being a freak helps me write

We all cross the line sometimes. Author created image.

She couldn’t save me and I can’t save her

High on hate. Author created image.

From triumphant king to celebrity bathroom joke

Author created image.

The look of triumph

These two ideas have changed the world

Sun Records. Author created image.

K.B. Hubbard

Perpetual life-improver. Data lover. Author. Nerd. Capable of anything he puts his mind to. So are you. twitter.com/@kbtheauthor

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