Once we left the trees there was no going back

Sometimes I wish I was a monkey.

I could spend my days foraging for food, swinging from tree-to-tree, being blissfully ignorant of the downfall of the very planet that provides me with life.

If some logger came along and felled a tree on my little monkey head, oh well, I…

In the beginning…

So there’s this old book that explains a bunch of complicated human concepts through the use of pretty simplistic allegory. It’s alleged to be a few thousand years old but the publishers of the book have been known to fudge the facts.

This old book has gotten a lot of…

A poem about failure

Shitty guitar rings out lively
Across the house
Filling the air with fragmented memories
That try to coalesce

And fail.

An old man, tail end of life
His cries ring out

Failing creatively doesn’t actually cost you anything

Investing is so hot right now. And rightfully so: It’s the only way to guarantee your future wealth. Traditional investments are also a great way to lose everything you’ve ever worked for.

High risk, high reward.

One recent study showed that half of Americans aged 25–34 were planning to spend…

Writing is an infinite game

There are two types of games, finite and infinite.

Finite games have:

  • Set rules
  • Set players
  • A way to win that’s agreed upon by all players

Sports are an example of a finite game. The rules are clear, there are set teams, everyone knows how to win, and the players…

Brace yourself, new features are coming

This week, Twitter announced a new feature for Canadian and Australian users called Twitter Blue. For a monthly fee, Twitter Blue users will have access to several new features and customization options, some of which have been long overdue. I myself can’t wait for this to release in the US.

The key to success is better compression

The fabric of the universe is information. Sure, there are particles and sub-particles and sub-sub-particles, but at the end of the day, it can all be represented as information. We do this all the time with math.

Combined, our senses gather about 11,000,000 bits of information per second. Our consciousness…

This can’t be what I think it is

I was taking a walk downtown and a note fluttered down from an office building. This is a very prestigious building that houses private offices for billionaire types. I can’t explain the odd-ness of the note. It’s like someone tossed it out the window for me to find.

I really…

Here’s how to untie all of them

Ever stuck a pair of headphones in your pocket and pulled them out looking like they got into a fight and somehow they both lost?

That’s a problem.

Not the actual knotted headphones, the metaphorical ones.

Every problem is a knot

Anyone who’s encountered an unruly knot (so, anyone over the age of 10) has…

And 10 things that definitely will

No amount of money in your bank account will bring you happiness.

It may resolve your issues — social, financial, emotional or otherwise — but it won’t actually make you happy.

Here are ten more things that won’t make you happy (I’ve tried most of them.)

  1. Jobs
  2. Drugs
  3. Sex
  4. Food

K.B. Hubbard

Perpetual life-improver. Data lover. Author. Nerd. Capable of anything he puts his mind to. So are you. twitter.com/@kbtheauthor

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