Should You Write on Medium or Buy Me a Coffee?

Which one is right for you?

Medium is great. I love it. It’s the best…

Is Ev Williams still listening? No?

Medium is alright, but it’s got one major flaw that becomes more and more apparent the longer you write here. The views and exposure are great, but the very thing that pads our pockets could be breaking the bank.

Introducing The Paywall™

Everyone knows that Medium is paywalled. Especially people who don’t use Medium and don’t pay the $5 a month to access unlimited articles.

This includes random people all over the internet with eyes that you need for your work to take off. You can get around it with a friend link, but honestly, it’s still a huge stepping stone to getting eyes on your work.

The existence of the paywall is the only reason I get paid to write here, so I’m not complaining that much. From a creative and business standpoint I get why it exists. All I’m saying is that it’s a roadblock to more views and more success.

How to get around The Paywall™

Write somewhere else. Really, it’s that simple. No it’s not, I lied.

Only a little, though, because the key is to write somewhere else that isn’t paywalled and then funnel people from Medium over to your free writing.

A lot of people do this on their blog, which is cool, I guess.

You know what’s better than a blog? Buy Me A Coffee!

Why? Easy.

  1. It’s already established, like Medium. A blog needs to start from the deep, dark corners of the internet and work hard to be found. Sometimes this never happens and your effort is wasted.
  2. It’s got a name. Nobody cares about your blog. Nobody cared about mine either. It’s not our writing, it’s the way she goes. Tiny blog vs established site has a clear winner every time.
  3. It’s free to read! No membership fee means your words can reach more viewers and they’re more likely to drop you a couple bucks for nice content.
  4. It’s customizable. Mine says buy me a salad, not coffee.
  5. The big one is next. You ready?
  6. Your readers can pay you directly.

This is huge

I’ve always been too nervous to start my own BMaC page. I would think to myself:

“Nobody would want to tip me. I’m lucky to earn pennies on Medium.”

And therein lies the problem. Confidence is key as an author. You know what really boosts your confidence? Money. C’mon, you know it and I do too.

I’ve been doing okay on Medium. Last month I earned right about $30 here. Other writing projects earned me about $20, and I came out of the month just over $50 total. It’s a great feeling, but I’m ready to take it to the next level.

About a month ago, I got into Twitter and it’s turned out to be the second-best writing decision I’ve ever made. The third-best decision (and the killer of the “Best Decision” list because who wants to think about their 56th best decision?)

…is Buy Me a Coffee.

I made my page and decided to focus it on discussing creativity and writing.

To really succeed at something you need direction, and Medium is my poppy field to wander about in. I wanted to take an actionable direction with a page designed to earn me money, so I chose the topic of creating.

Whatever you choose, make it something you’re passionate about and can write at length about. Remember how long it took you here on Medium before you started earning money and consider that you’re at the mercy of your readers.

Something shocking happened

If I had more honest-to-God faith in myself this wouldn’t be so shocking.

Someone tipped me $25 on my first article.

In one tip this generous, kind soul almost matched an entire month of my Medium earnings. Seriously.

My benefactor happened to be a wonderful human and fellow author from Twitter who really felt empowered by what I wrote. She’s just started her creative journey and she said I helped validate her creative dream.

I touched someone’s life. That means more than any amount of money.

More than that, though, it sent me a message loud and clear: This can work.

If you’re looking for a non-paywalled home for your words, try Buy Me a Coffee. They have a ton of great features that their competitors don’t have, like built-in analytics and recurring memberships.

The best part? No monthly fees for me as a creator. None of this is paywalled for creators or consumers and that’s a beautiful thing. The freedom to distribute and consume information is more important than ever.

The lack of a monthly “safety net” is also improving my writing. Medium has a certain tone about it that you really need to feel to succeed. My writing over on BMaC is raw and straight-up, the way I enjoy writing. It resonates, too.

I’ve just started writing there and I already love the idea of my readers being able to support my creativity. Speaking of supporting my creativity…

You can support me for free by signing up using my link! It costs you nothing and if you sign up as a creator it’s also available to you right away, so you can shoot out a referral on Twitter or Medium immediately without applying.

How does it work?

When you get your first tip, I get it too! Easy as that. I’m not being paid to write this post or getting any kickbacks of any sort. I only get paid if you sign up as a creator, put out some awesome content, and get tipped for it.

Note: Medium broke my original link. Affiliate link below.

Perpetual life-improver. Data lover. Author. Nerd. Capable of anything he puts his mind to. So are you.

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